BBQ season is fast approaching and now more than ever we are all looking forward to getting together with friends and family for a catch up and a summer get together! With so many people getting their back gardens ready over the pandemic for the sole purpose of hosting their friends and family at their summer BBQs, this summer will see a host of barbeques around the country! BBQs are a great way to get together in a controlled environment outdoors while also being fun and full of laid back vibes and of course amazing food!


Of course the big question is always what to wear to a BBQ? We are here to take you through some fabulous outfit ideas that will make you look fabulous and perfectly ready for that summer BBQ! 


What to wear to a summer BBQ party?


When going to a summer BBQ, especially if you live anywhere with changeable weather, it is always a good idea to wear something comfortable but stylish! Here are some outfit ideas which we think will be perfect for a summer barbeque! 


The Must Have Midi Dress To Wear To A BBQ:


what to wear to a summer BBQ

The midi dress is a wardrobe staple all year round! They are flattering on everyone and are super versatile and easy to wear! Many midi dresses are very easy to layer so if you find yourself going to a BBQ on a day that has a chill in the air then you can easily pop a vest or kami under your midi dress and nobody would know plus you’ll be nice and warm throughout the day and still get to wear THAT dress! 


The Super Versatile Shirt Dress To Wear To A BBQ:


what to wear to a summer BBQ Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is perfect for BBQs because they are super stylish and versatile! Again these dresses are perfect for layering in case you get a colder day for your BBQ but are also a great little summer dress and come in a flattering length! They are also super easy to make it yours - you could easily wear these shirt dresses open and style them as a kimono, you can button them right up to the top if you prefer an edgier style or leave a few buttons open for a breezy summer look! They look fabulous with white trainers for a casual laid back look but also look fabulous with sandals for a dreamy summer look! 


Not only this but shirt dresses come with an adjustable ribbon belt, perfect for loosening up when you’ve filled yourself with too many burgers and chips! 


Summer Cut Offs Perfect For Your BBQ Outfit:


What To Wear To A Summer BBQ Summer BBQ

The midway point between jeans and shorts, everyone's favourite the summer cut off! Cut offs are perfect for summer BBQs because yet again they are super easy to style and give you an amazing shape! Paco cut offs fit just like denims and have a high waist to help hold everything in and have a great lift giving you an amazing shape! They come in two variations with one being made from regular denim material and the other, our peached cut offs, being made from a jegging style material meaning they have a great stretch and an elasticated waist! 


Paco cut offs come in an amazing range of colours so there will be something to suit everyone’s colour palette! If you plan on eating your own weight in delicious BBQ food then we would definitely recommend the peached cut offs! They come in a range of fabulous vibrant colours but have an elasticated waist which elevates any pressure on your stomach during the day!


Style them with trainers or sandals the choice is yours! We promise you you will look amazing either way! 


Loose Fitting Chiffon Tops:


What To Wear To A BBQ Chiffon Top From Paco



If you are concerned about your stomach bloating after food then there is a fabulous selection of loose fitting printed pretty tops which will hide any problem areas you may be conscious about showing and make you look fabulous!


These range of beautiful summer tops come in a cool and floaty chiffon material and while they give you a great shape on the top they are loose around the stomach area meaning they are perfect for those of us who are concerned about their tummies expanding after eating! 


They look great with our cut offs but also would look great with your favourite pair of leggings, denims or shorts! 


Cotton Dresses To Wear To A BBQ:


What To Wear To A BBQ Cotton Dress From Paco


If you have got lucky then you will have been invited to a BBQ on the hottest day of the year! Cotton is always a good thing to wear when standing around in humid or hot weather! Brakeburn has an amazing selection of organic cotton dresses and tops which are perfect for your summer BBQ! 


Cotton is a breathable material which helps to regulate body temperature. You are less likely to sweat while wearing cotton and it does not hold moisture the same way polyester does. 


We can guarantee wearing one of these cotton items will help you feel cool and fresh all day long! 


Wearing a Scarf To A BBQ:


What To Wear To A Summer BBQ Scarf From Paco


Bringing a scarf to a summer BBQ if you know you are going to be outdoors in warm weather all day is honestly a great idea! 


Scarves are super versatile and during the day you can wear one around your shoulders to keep the sun off your skin if you are conscious of burning. In the evening the same thing applies but this time it will help to add a little bit of warmth to your summer look and keep the chill away! 


Amazingly versatile there are so many ways to wear scarves and it could be that finishing touch to your summer dress you just didn’t know you needed! 


If you really want to add some amazing summer vibes to your summer BBQ outfit then why not try out a headscarf! We have some top tips on how to wear a headscarf and they are coming back with a bang in 2021 so if you ever thought of trying one out now is your chance! 


Bringing A Raincoat To A BBQ:


What To Wear To A BBQ Raincoat From Paco


Without putting a dampener on your BBQ plans it is possible that it may rain (especially if you live in Ireland)! This is why it is always a good idea to bring a raincoat to throw on in case the weather changes! Is there anything worse when you leave the house thinking it is going to remain bright and beautiful all day and then about 3 hours later the sky opens up and you think “I wish I had brought my raincoat?!”. 


There are some great lightweight raincoats on the market now that come in a fabulous range of colours and styles! Long gone are the dull coloured trench coats that put a downer on your summer outfit! There are some great styles and fits with some beautiful colours that won’t downgrade your summer outfit into a dreary rainy mess! Plus you will remain warm and dry and it won’t completely ruin your day! 



What To Wear To A Summer Evening BBQ


So you have been at your families or friends BBQ all day and now the sun has gone in and you are wondering I wish I had brought something to throw on in the evening to keep me warm! 


Here are some essentials which we think you will love that are perfect for a summer evening BBQ




What To Wear To A Summer Evening BBQ  Scarf From Paco

As mentioned above, scarves are always a great idea! Whether you have been there all day or the BBQ was already set for the evening, scarves are perfect for wrapping around your shoulders and keeping the chill away! They are not heavy and are so easy to bring! They can be worn in so many different ways and are perfect for keeping you warm, keeping pesky mosquitoes away & are super stylish and never go out of fashion! 



what to wear to a summer evening BBQ cardigan from Paco

Cardigans are always a great piece to bring to a summer evening BBQ. They are lightweight, stylish and super versatile! Cardigans can easily be worn with dresses or over t-shirts and even look great with skirts! There are so many variations available and so many pretty colours to choose from in Paco’s cardigan collection that you will definitely find a colour & style that will suit your summer outfit!


Cardigans are soft and gentle on the skin and they are perfect for throwing on in the evening especially if your skin has been in the sun all day and has got a bit red! 



what to wear to a summer evening BBQ jumpers from Paco

Jumpers! Jumpers are not just for Autumn and there are so many ways to style knitwear. Over recent months jumpers with dresses have become a trending fashion outfit so there is no reason why you can’t pair one with summer outfits. Obviously you don’t want something thick and bulky for a summer evening BBQ that is why we recommend bringing something light but that will just add that extra layer of warmth to your summer outfit without compromising on style! 


What To Wear To A BBQ In The Rain


If you are going to go to a BBQ and the weather does not look promising then it is always a good idea to go prepared! 


A Raincoat

what to wear to a BBQ when it is raining summer raincoats from Paco


As mentioned above there is a great selection of raincoats available which are light and perfect for warm humid weather! They come in a beautiful selection of colours and will definitely keep the summer vibes alive. 


Some other great ideas on what to wear to a BBQ in the rain are a pair of denims or cut offs, a sweater and one of our cute rain jackets! You are definitely not compromising on style by wearing this look and it will keep you warm and dry all day long! 



Bring an Umbrella! Compact umbrellas will be a lifesaver to bring to a BBQ! They are small and perfect to tuck away under a seat when you don’t need it but perfect for keeping the rain off of you when it starts to rain! 



Set for a rainy day BBQ? Then it may be time to bring back out your favourite Autumn boots! At least this way your feet will stay dry and you won’t get your sandals wet! It is never a good idea to get your sandals wet as they could shrink or go out of shape, read up on all the best ways to protect your sandals in our blog Women's Sandals Fit Guide. 


June 04, 2021 — Rose Procter