Paco clothing sizes can be quite generous - if you are in-between a size 10 and 12 etc then we would recommend buying the size 10. Please read the description of each of the garments before buying as we tell you if something is a small or big fit in the description.

Just Elegance Styles: Just Elegance styles are a smaller fit then normal Paco stock - if you are in between a size 10 and 12 etc then we recommend buying the size 12.

However we cannot guarantee that a certain style in a certain style will fit - if you are unhappy with the size then please return the package to us and write on your returns form that you would like to change the size for a smaller or bigger size and if the item is in stock we will happily send you a new size for free if you live in the Ireland or the UK.

If you do not live in Ireland or the UK then please contact customer service at and we will be happy to try and resolve the matter.

Please view our returns policy here


Sizing Chart for clothes 

Sizing chart for shoes