Shopping After Brexit

Shopping With Paco

Paco is an Irish based company based in Cork Ireland. For anyone shopping with us from an EU country you will not be charged any extra VAT or DUTY on your garments on delivery!

The normal rate for VAT in Ireland is 21%. This is included in all products whether you shop online or in store and is included in the price of the garment shown to you online it is NOT added on as an extra charge at the checkout. 

What is VAT & why am I being charged it?

The VAT you see at checkout has nothing to do with Brexit. It is a mandatory tax which has always been included in goods in all industries whether online or in stores. 

Value-Added Tax (VAT) is a tax, which is payable on sales of goods or services within the territory of the Member States of the EU. The tax, in all cases, is ultimately payable by the final consumer of the good or service. Each party in the chain of supply (manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer) acts as a VAT collector. (

You can read all about VAT here

Why do PACO show VAT rate at checkout?

We show VAT rate because

1) We want to be fully transparent with you. We are a proud Irish company who have our customers in the forefront of our mind and it is important to let our customers know that their product also includes a mandatory 21% VAT rate which is included in the price which is set out by revenue

2) You may be a business owner or or a wholesaler and you may be able to claim this VAT back. 

Will I be charged EXTRA charges on delivery?

We know that many shoppers are now concerned about how Brexit will impact their shopping online. With many consumers seeing delays of up to 4 weeks when shopping from the UK for the delivery of their package and the risk of being charged high custom charges looming!

Paco can assure you that if you shop with us from Ireland, Northern Ireland or another EU member country your package will not face any further charges on delivery and will face very little delays in delivery*!

*delays may be experienced due to Covid-19 depending on the postal system in your country. 

As we have previously done all parcels coming from Paco will be delivered by DPD if the parcel is going to the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland & the UK. All Paco parcels will be sent by An Post tracked delivery if going to any other EU/Non-EU member country.

The concerns around Brexit & shopping in Ireland:

Paco are an Irish company who are based in Cork. That means our head office is located in Cork along with our warehouse and online service. 

Paco can assure you that when you shop with us from Ireland, Northern Ireland or another EU country that your delivery times & consumer rights will remain unaffected by Brexit.  You will also not face any additional charges either at checkout or on the delivery of your goods. 

Your delivery times:

Paco aim to keep your delivery times undisrupted if you are shopping from Ireland or an EU country. Paco we aim to dispatch your goods from our Irish based warehouse within 4 working days. When buying something from us and you are based in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland we always pick next day delivery with DPD which means your parcel will arrive safely and securely by courier.

If you shop with us from another EU country then your parcels will be dispatched from our warehouse and sent via tracked delivery with AN POST Express delivery. In both of these cases you will not be charged anymore then what you already paid at the checkout online at

Shopping With Paco From the UK (outside Northern Ireland)

If you are shopping with Paco from inside the UK then your parcel will also be delivered by DPD courier and will be dispatched from our Irish based warehouse within 4 working days.

We will not charge you any VAT or DUTY at the checkout online. 

However depending on the cost of your package you may be liable to pay import duties and VAT on this package on top of what you have already paid at the checkout online at DPD will ask you to pay these fees when they drop off your goods. 

At this time Paco will not be covering these extra charges.

Brexit Explained:

What happens if I shop on a UK site with an English Based Website?

paco brexit guide

Brexit & Shopping Online:

There are now many concerns about where shoppers can buy from without being charged VAT or Duty by customs! Many popular UK branded clothing sites are not covering the costs of VAT & Duty on delivery and it will be up to you, the customer, to cover these on the arrival of your parcel.

If the website you are buying products from is going to cover the cost of the duty and VAT that you owe then you will be charged this at the checkout, you will then not be charged anything else on the arrival of your goods. 

If the website you are buying products from is not going to cover the cost of duty and VAT that you owe then you are going to be charged this by the courier/postal company on the arrival of your parcel. 

How much VAT & Duty will you be charged?


In terms of this, anything over €22 is now liable to have customs fees attached at delivery. The more you spend then the more you will be liable to pay. A flat VAT rate of 21% applies to all goods over €22. However the rate of duty applied differs depending on what is being purchased, so a complex list of rates will be applied by Revenue and can be looked up at


If goods are valued at more than 150 consumers will face VAT and also they will face duty. Again this charge will either be applied by the retailer at the checkout or you will be charged this by the authorities on the arrivals of your good and pay at the delivery of your parcel. 

The custom duty will be charged at 12% and will apply to different band rates. 

Delays because of Brexit

Customs checks at the boarder between Ireland & the UK have increased delivery time with delays of up to four weeks to be expected. This has been seen on packages coming from UK based stores who are shipping from UK based warehouses. Customers are now facing delays of up to a month to receive their parcels coming from the UK with news sources saying that this will continue for the foreseeable future.

If you are shopping from a company based in Northern Ireland then you will not see any delays due to customs as agreed in the Brexit deal between the UK & Ireland. This also applies to customers from Northern Ireland purchasing goods from the Republic of Ireland. 

Your Consumer Rights

Customers rights when shopping from a UK company may be at risk. The rights you currently have under the EU Consumer Protection Laws may not be applicable if you purchase something from a UK based store since the UK has left the EU. This may affect things like the right to change your mind, 14 days return policies and other strong protections which would be in place when shopping from an EU based company.

It is important that as a consumer you read up on the terms and conditions and returns policies that these UK based companies will have in place after Brexit. 



January 15, 2021 — Rose Procter