Ladies Loungewear

Finding cheap loungewear sets is important! From Paco to Just Elegance we have put together our top 5 loungewear sets that are perfect for ladies of all ages! 


Women's Loungewear

Fashion in the midst of a global pandemic isn’t on the forefront of everyone's mind! Loungewear is! A lot of people tend to be waking up and staying in their loungewear sets whether that is your pyjamas or throwing on a pair of sweatpants & sweater! However comfortable everyday loungewear clothing doesn’t have to be boring! It feels great to get up and get dressed into something that doesn’t resemble your gym kit from the 80s!

Many health experts emphasize that getting up and having a morning routine is key to starting the day right! So it is just as important now as ever to get up, get dressed and stay in a routine! A pyjama day every so often is good but too many and it will dampen your spirits! Routines are so important for our mental wellbeing and to lead a balanced “normal” lifestyle as best as we can!

So we have put together our top 5 pieces of loungewear clothing for women that is perfect for getting out of those pyjamas and getting into something fashionable but comfy! 

Step 1: Finding some comfortable but flattering loungewear trousers!

Finding loungewear trousers that can be both comfortable and shapely can be tough! However once you find that perfect pair you’ll never want to put on anything else! In time of fast fashion it is also key to find a pair of trousers that will see you through any event! Even if that is (for the time being) bed to supermarket!

stretch jersey jeggings loungewear trousers PacoStretch Jersey Jeggings


We love our stretch jersey jeggings, they are absolutely perfect for giving shape and are extremely comfortable for all day wear! They are made from beautiful jersey material and have an elasticated waist and are beautifully finished with some sequins on the back pockets! They add a bit of a girly finish to loungewear for women! They really are a comfortable pair of loungewear trousers!

loungewear trousers elasticated waist trousers pacoAnimal Printed Trousers Just Elegance


Just Elegance has a great range of loungewear for women including loungewear trousers and jeggings with a great stretch jersey material and a high waisted elasticated waist band for extra comfort! Just Elegance also makes some great loungewear for plus sizes! They also come in a great range of fabulous colours so you're free to add some colour and brightness to your loungewear sets!

While takeaway on a night Saturday is the most exciting thing any of us are seeing right now it is key to get a pair of trousers that are always comfortable! Is there anything worse than eating your weight in food and then having your denims dig into your waist! That is why we recommend getting a pair of loungewear trousers that give you an amazing shape but also don’t restrict you for nights on the sofa eating takeaways!

Step 2: Finding That Perfect All Day Loungewear Jumper


While we can empathize that you may be a big fan of that oversized hoodie or pajama top that has been in and out of the washing machine 20 times this month! It is good to get up and get into something bright but also comfortable!

Paco has a huge range of loungewear jumpers and loungewear cardigans that are perfect for adding some variety and colour to your loungewear sets! With so many textures and even diamante finishes to choose from you’ll find it hard to pick just one! Here are some of our favourites:

diamante cashmillon jumper loungewear top loungewear jumper pacoDiamante Cashmillon Sweater

This Diamante Cashmillon Sweater is honestly perfect for making you feel a little girly again! It comes in three beautiful bright colours and the neckline is finished with a beaded diamante finish. This catches the light beautifully and just adds that bit of glam to your loungewear clothing. It is also perfect for finishing the look if you are not in the mood to throw on any jewellery!


link & stud jumper loungewear jumper loungewear top pacoLink & Cashmillon Sweater

If you love a bit of texture in your loungewear clothing then you will love this link & stud sweater! It has a great almost 3D triangle stitched design and it is finished with some coloured jewels on the neckline! It is suberly soft and is great for throwing on with your favourite trousers or joggers. It comes in some amazing bold colours that will add some colour to your wardrobe and again if you do not feel like accessorizing then don’t worry this jumper has already done that for you! 

pointelle jumper loungewear jumper paco

Pointelle Sweater

Finally the pointelle sweater is just a beautiful loungewear jumper that will see you through the summer! With a crochet knit design and a frill hem! It is perfect for throwing on over a vest or polo neck and it will look amazing with denims and loafers in the summer months! It’s a sweater that will see you through any season and like we mentioned earlier with fast fashion becoming an increasing issue this sweater is timeless and can be layered or worn over a dress!

Step 3: Find that perfect Gilet

loungewear for older ladies loungewear for women paco

 Justine Quilt Gilet


Whether you are out and about or feeling a bit chilly at home the gilet is the perfect thing to keep you warm.The gilet is for those of us who love to keep warm “just not too warm”! In Ireland when the weather doesn’t know whether it is coming or going the gilet is honestly the perfect accessory to take out with you! It keeps your chest warm and protects you from getting a chill while allowing your arms to breath and keeping your body temperature regulated!

The biggest question I’m sure your asking is how would I wear it as loungewear? Gilets are super versatile pieces of clothing! They are sleeveless which means they are not restrictive when you are sitting working on your laptop or doing things around the house. They look great with t-shirts during the summer and they also pair perfectly with roll necks or a sweater! In fact all of the sweaters above go great with these gilets as they are not too bulky so sit perfectly underneath! It is something that is neither too heavy or too’s just right!

We all feel the cold more when we are doing nothing! So again if you are trying to move away from your hoodies then gilets are a great loungewear option! They are so easy to throw on and just like that they keep your body temperature regulated so that the most important parts of you stay warm!

Top Tip: For the days you just can’t be bothered removing yourself from your loungewear, then the gilet is a great option for throwing on over that stained jumper and heading out!

Step 4: The Ultimate Loungewear Jackets


Ok so you are looking for something a little more substantial than the gilet? Then look no further! With so many different colours and designs to choose from Paco have a huge selection of jackets that are perfect for throwing on over your loungewear outfit on your daily walk or wearing in and around the home!

From zip up joggers to quilted padded jackets here are our top 3 favourites!


long hooded quilted jacket loungewear coat pacoLong Hooded Quilt Jacket

The long hooded quilted jacket! This is perfect for those who prefer a little more length to their jackets! This jacket zips from both ends so you can loosen it up at the end or loosen it up at the top! It has a detachable hood which is perfect for when we start coming into warmer weather. With deep zip close pockets for keeping valuables safe it is a great jacket for wearing on long walks or over your loungewear set!


loungewear fleece loungewear ladies paco

Zig Zag Jogger

The zig zag jogger! This loungewear fleece is a great zip close jogger. It comes in a dark green colour which is perfect for pairing with either black, navy or grey trousers such as the stretch jersey jegging. It has zip close pockets to keep valuables safe when you are out and about. It is soft touch and is cosy so is perfect for wearing when watching TV or pottering around the house! It will make a great finishing touch to your loungewear clothing!


loungewear coat loungwear ladies paco

Neo Quilt Jacket

Neo Quilt Jacket! This jacket is the best of both worlds! For those who love a sportier look the neo jacket has scuba style sleeves and a quilted torso. Scuba sleeves means it is a little less restrictive in the arms than quilted jackets but it is still weather proof and warm! It is a great loungewear jacket for getting out and about in and comes in two vibrant colours. Again this jacket also has zip close pockets to keep valuables safe. This jacket has a detachable hood so again is perfect for now but will also be wearable during the summer. It adds great shape and looks amazing over sweaters or t-shirts. 


Step 5) Footwear

Ok so we know most of us are just wearing our slippers or cosy socks around the house but when heading out on walks or outings to the supermarket we want to throw on something easy and something that will go with our loungewear sets! Trainers are ideal for this and they pretty much go with everything! Here our our top 3 favourites!


loungewear shoes white trainers womens sneakers pacoSnake Print Trainer

Snake Print Trainer! Animal print is still huge at the moment and these snake print trainers are cute and easy to lace up and go! They have a metallic snake print detail and come in two options. The first is the white silver snake print trainer ad this is great for those who prefer a more subtle print in their wardrobe. They also go perfectly for women who prefer to wear bold colours pinks, greens, purples. These trainers will not clash with any colour and whether it’s bold and bright or pretty pastel you want to wear these ladies trainers will go great with both!  The second is a gold metallic print which is great for those wanting to add some stronger prints to their wardrobe or who have a lot of neutral tones beiges, browns, creams etc. Gold goes great with these tones and these snake print trainers will definitely add that extra layer of colour and texture to your women’s loungewear! 


loungewear white trainers womens sneakers paco

Classic Trainer


The classic trainer. The classic trainer is a great addition to your loungewear or for those lazy days where you don’t feel like accessorizing! The layer of diamante detailing on the sole is perfect for adding some sparkle to your loungewear. These are a Paco bestseller and season after season they sell out. As they are so feminine and sparkly they are a great addition to your ladies loungewear set because you can pair them with anything. Skirts, jeans, joggers or dresses these trainers will add that finishing touch to your casual wear look.

quilted trainer loungewear shoes pacoQuilted Trainer

Finally the quilted trainer. The quilted trainer is for those who love texture and dimension in their wardrobe. They have a quilted side panel design and they are finished with a gold thread detail. They are super with loungewear clothing such as joggers and denims and feel and look great! Quilted look in shoes is going to be huge in 2021 and we can already see it coming through in top fashion brands. Get yours early and start the tend in style!

February 10, 2021 — Rose Procter